Smanga OG Drops His Latest Audiovisual EP First Touch

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It’s a chilly Friday evening, I find myself having to drive through Johannesburg’s surprisingly flowing traffic to check out a screening of Smanga OG’s First Touch EP held at Maboneng’s Bioscope. To be honest, the Bioscope is just a hipster theater with less than a 100 seats, talk about how exclusive…

The invite was from a friend via an Instagram DM, the nerve, whatever happened to giving a friend a call?

If you have no idea who Smanga OG is, listen to the audio below to find out more about the kid.

Back to the screening of First Touch, Smanga OG, did something really dope by incorporating his EP with the same title into a visual presentation of the music. The look, feel and story behind the visuals of First Touch paint a clear picture of young man looking for his big break as an artist while trying to figure out the maze of the big city lights of Jo’burg. Will he find his way? Will he remember where comes from? Will he stay positive and hopefully find love and get his big break? Watch the trailer of First Touch here for answers on some of these questions.

Hopefully he will drop the full length short film on the internet soon, for now check out more of his music on Soundcloud HERE

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